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Zhongshan City, ShiYiTang Medical Hall Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is located in the famous hometown of Zhongshan City Health National Health Base Torch Development Zone Road, Building 3 A, the National Health base is located in Zhongshan Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, planned area of 135,000 square kilometers. Park Master Plan in collaboration by the American company and AEPA China Urban Planning and Design, in line with US FDA, NIH and Chinese SFDA standards. Park Yishanbangshui, beautiful scenery, very suitable for the development of the health industry. After ten years of development, more than 130 enterprises settled in, a variety of health companies interconnected at the base, relying on each other, has been formed to Chinese and Western medicines, health products, biological engineering, health food, medical equipment, cosmetics, pharmaceutical packaging materials seven industry sectors as well as compliance with international standards prior to clinical medicine and non-clinical trials testing centers and pharmaceutical logistics distribution center. High degree of industry aggregation, has formed a healthy industrial chain.

The company invested heavily in research and development before and after, equipment and plant construction, the formation of the domestic market network, brand establishment and development of foreign markets. Company's existing plant area of over 2,000 square meters, purification plant 200 square meters, more than 100 employees, strong R & D and production and processing capacity to support us, "Mai Ruike" dominated several models and specifications of the "percutaneous vertebroplasty surgical instruments. "


Zhongshan City, ShiYiTang Medical Hall Medical Devices Co., Ltd

The company committed to developing "percutaneous vertebroplasty surgical instruments", but always pay attention to the construction of training base, has established throughout the country more than a dozen professional training base for the promotion of "percutaneous vertebroplasty surgery" clinical applications It provides a strong technical support. The country percutaneous vertebroplasty surgery and the development of clinical applications has played a huge role in promoting.

After years of unremitting efforts, the company in research and development, innovation, technology training, marketing concepts, service system (including product quality and customer service post-operation) in the country to establish an absolute trade advantage. The company has a strong R & D capability, can customize the product design, research and development, manufacturing and innovation, capable of continuous product upgrades, updates, and make technical performance of products has always been at the international level. At the same time to achieve technology leadership, always pay attention to ensure product quality, the World Medical Hall Medical Devices Co., Ltd. to create a better tomorrow to lay a solid foundation for a competitive market economy.

World Medical Hall Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is willing to excellent products, quality service, continue to maintain and expand the company's business integration advantages, to provide customers with quality products and services. The company joined the company for every ambitious people (including staff, agents, distributors, partners, etc.) have expressed a sincere welcome, wish you were in the "World Medical Hall" The family can grand plans, with "World Medical Hall" work together to grow, grow!