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Medical equipment marketing culture and brand value

Why do so many corporate sales staff always seem alternative? Why sales force performance and the internal atmosphere is always out of tune? Why even the best corporate culture have encountered marketing From compromised? This is because many companies do not really implement customer-oriented philosophy, its corporate culture seriously out of line with the market environment, the company's marketing activities in conflict with the corporate culture away from each other, the corporate culture is a vase-like furnishings.

Figuratively speaking, if the requirements of the marketing strategy is to "sell what what crying," the corporate culture demands is "crying like what to what." Different industries require different enterprises have different corporate culture, which is the pursuit of the highest level of differential advantage. What medical equipment is the corporate culture? Or professional characteristics should be in a strong field of clinical medicine. Professional is the core values of such enterprises. Empty slogans such as cancer treatment equipment manufacturing enterprises, its core values is the "cancer treatment technology leader" and not "contribute to human health around the world" and the like. Around this core values, layer by layer build enterprise system culture, behavior, material culture. Under the guidance of such a corporate culture influence, in the eyes of customers and the public, it should be a professional company, professional products, professional services, professional image.

However, only those with major medical device companies, in marketing may not be successful. Because of this corporate culture is still built on the basis of subjective desire of enterprises, rather than on the real needs of customers. Medical units (hospitals) customers, large medical equipment can bring the overall efficiency of the real needs. The so-called comprehensive benefits, including advanced clinical level, leading areas of expertise, considerable economic and social benefits, and the image of the hospital leadership performance, good doctor-patient relations. Marketing culture is the concrete manifestation of corporate culture in the face of customers, we must adapt to the market situation has changed.

Therefore, the above large-scale medical equipment business marketing culture, in the face of customer demand, the idea should be reflected in its core values is "to bring customers maximum overall efficiency of cancer treatment equipment providers." If radiation is limited to the field of physical therapy, it should be more specifically "for customers to bring the greatest overall efficiency of radiation oncology equipment providers." Under this specific objective core values guide the marketing activities in order to achieve efficient and pragmatic. Marketing culture is an important part of the whole marketing strategy, marketing strategy, organizational structure, brand management, product mix, price system, channel selection, promotions have a significant impact, it is the key to persuasive marketing connotation. Only efficient and pragmatic marketing culture, marketing culture is healthy, but useless concept notation does not make any sense value. Such corporate marketing culture, should not just some superficial CI, VI, should not just some dinners, eat, drink and recreational activities, should have specialized features.

Health marketing culture, the first should be reflected in the spread of the core concepts out, that is the position of standing on the interests of customers, the enterprise culture core values repackaged. From "cancer treatment technology leader," to "to bring customers maximum comprehensive benefits of cancer treatment equipment provider", is a specific example. All marketing and promotional materials, should concentrate express this information. Marketers no longer just a certain type of person to sell products, but to create comprehensive benefits partner for the hospital. Marketing activities are not obtained orders from businesses, but from the hospital to solve practical problems. This requires large-scale marketing of medical devices must be developed for a specific target personalized programs, from information dissemination, personnel contacts, products, promotions every detail specific considerations, the work can not remain in the superficial. Only in-depth marketing staff within the hospital, to grasp the core equipment procurement case, in order to develop such a personalized program. Develop personalized programs should become standard operating procedures.

Healthy marketing culture of large medical equipment marketing staff higher demands. Must be equipped with basic good quality, it should also demonstrate scientific, rigorous, exploration, innovation spirit. Marketers must become experts in product-related knowledge, in order to communicate effectively with hospital customers. Such enterprises in the selection of sales staff, should be whether they have such professionalism first. Can salespeople with customers effective professional communication, the ability to answer basic theoretical knowledge of technical problems, should be the subject of the first skills assessment. Not up to the requirements of specialization, should be the main basis for a veto of the personnel department.

Healthy marketing culture, to be concrete implementation of the provision of professional and timely technical support on security services. Delivery of large medical equipment installation is completed, the system is just the beginning of a project rather than an end. Must guarantee strong technical support services, to maintain long-term stable and efficient operation of equipment, the test is real time enterprise effort. Successful business success here, failed businesses fail is here. Long-term stable and efficient operation of large-scale medical equipment, not only technical issues but also a market, management, administration, financial, social and other aspects. Therefore, personalized plan must contain advance solutions to these problems. Even for customers, "fire and forget" the sales contract, should also be well-designed from a holistic perspective of overall enterprise solution. Organizations such as professional societies and academic activities, professional and academic journals edited or co-founder of professional websites. Quality and frequency of such business operations, to reflect the most level position in the field. Class enterprises should adopt such actions reflect the leadership, dedication, meticulous, careful attitude of cooperation, so that customers feel due respect. These actions by the regime and should be clearly expressed in the contract, and become must comply with service standards, rather than optional, ramshackle preferential terms.

Healthy marketing culture, but also to reflect the final product through continuous improvement and innovation services. Improvement and innovation is necessary to continue to absorb advanced theory and technology, but also listened carefully to customer feedback. Only by maintaining the continuous innovation and change, it is the highest level of professionalism. Enterprise marketing innovation and progress should have vitality, and be ensured through effective mechanisms. As we listened carefully to actively deal with customer feedback, effective access to the latest technology information, actively involved with the customer's business, strong research and development capability and investment, research and development consortium composed with customers and so on. Learning of this effort, the attitude of the pursuit of innovation and progress, is the most healthy marketing cultural representation.

In short, large medical equipment business of the corporate culture, its core values are professionalism. This core values, must be embodied by the professional characteristics of the marketing culture. Health marketing culture should be efficient and pragmatic, and security must be reflected through the system. The spirit of innovation is the most healthy characterize marketing culture.

Medical devices need to brand it? The answer to this question is directly related to the size and brand into fashion. Marketing to pay attention to efficiency, not the brand the bigger louder the better. The purpose of brand strategy and brand management is to minimize the cost to maximize brand value. Brand value depends on the level of fierce market competition, there is no competition in the market it does not matter the brand. Thus, competing products, the greater the target customer groups, the higher operating costs and risks, the more lucrative product sales profits, the more the number of business practitioners, the huge size of the market, the more significant the importance of the industry, the more extensive the degree of social influence, brand value can generate higher. Medical Devices is a kind of highly specialized products, although competing category, the number of business practitioners, market size and target customers much less than the mass consumer goods, but several other indicators, but no less, and even far more than the general public consumer goods. Thus, our industry can create brand value is also very impressive.

Which medical device companies need more brand into it? First, general supplies reagents, conventional equipment, General Instrument class, because of the intense competition, the need to rely on the brand to enhance competitiveness; second is many types of products, product line is longer, the need for brand extension; the third is to enter the international market, the need to rely on brands to enter international markets and developed countries; four higher principles and levels of technological innovation products, in order to open the market as soon as possible; five is in a recession phase-out period of the product, in order to retain market share last; six out of gain political capital and financing market, obtain market dominance, policy clearance required for the special needs of international cooperation projects. Different needs, its brand strategy and brand management focus is different. If you focus on advertising and exhibitions, and some focus on the promotion, and some focus on public relations, and some focus on the spread in the media, some politicians stick luster and so on.

Large size medical equipment, high value, affecting a wide, a small number of easily causing concern, as the elephant in the forest, whales swim the sea, not anger and prestige, which was not self-Chang. There are not yet listed products, it has been so much noise there were numerous. In this case, the visibility is very easy to set up, but also investment in brand building it? Engage in sponsorship donations like grandstanding social welfare activities have no meaning? Medical equipment, mostly one-shot deal, regardless of the level of loyalty, this is his life, unless a few years after the replacement. The most difficult is to obtain and maintain long-term reputation. Because reputation is built on long-term use of after-sales service and technical support, which is the test of large medical device companies the key. As a high-tech products, product quality pure sense are usually no problem, its appearance and packaging formal things are not important. The most important is the ability to bring the overall efficiency of hospital users, but also long-term stability. If not, then its reputation will be greatly reduced, the performance of industry peers poor reputation. Who is more professional, who is more advanced, it is simply the degree of brand preference.

Brand value is closely related to the corporate culture of large medical equipment for the table between them. Culture is the connotation of the brand, the brand is the extension of culture. Therefore, to see what a company advocating the idea, what popular culture, reflecting what style, what prominent figures, it can know the level of its brand value. Where interest is more important than the truth, and the face is more important than lining individual is more important than collective, speculation is more important than practical enterprise, it is impossible to create a valuable brand. The core competitiveness of the brand should be based on a healthy, efficient and pragmatic corporate culture above.

Brand medical equipment by way reflect what? We follow the brand value of the contribution of the sort, and will include as follows them out.

1 absolute leading academic status

If the new medical equipment created to lead a new clinical discipline, is the only representative of certain types of advanced theory and technology, then the value of the brand is unique, its core competence is unsurpassed. The most abundant academic literature, the most classic clinical cases, the most authoritative application unit, the overwhelming majority of physicians groups, are representative of this position. This is the absolute leading academic status can not be imitated, in order to catch up is no easy task. Concrete manifestation of the unique clinical use or patents. This advantage is a natural formation, scarce.

2 academic leaders and stories

If a brand clustered around major experts in this subject area in which academic leaders with a legendary entrepreneur or research stories, has a high reputation and influence in the field, through proper packaging planning, it can bring great brand effect. Accordingly, the Committee of Experts of such enterprises is organized practices. However, if the packaging to promote its excesses, it will lead to peer boycott counterproductive.

3 authoritative user market model

Without these two, access to the main hospital on behalf of large cities, with the authority to establish user market model has become the first choice. Users also particularly concerned about the general potential of existing users, the often trying to find out, on-site visit. This is the most worthy efforts in the direction, it should focus on investment, carefully maintained.

4 levels of technical support and

Support and maintenance market model is to provide strong technical support, especially some innovative products. When the product is not yet mature clinical application, containing a lot of research and exploration component when manufacturers provide technical support is very crucial.

5 service and supplies distribution

Related technical support and after-sales service is the distribution of supplies. If it is a mature product, the service level is even more prominent.

6 academic activities and professional exhibition

On various related academic activities and professional exhibitions frequently appear sound, it is a quick and effective way to enhance the visibility of the principal. If the innovation theory and techniques, but also to increase outreach efforts. Participants in the paper more effective than money sponsorship meeting.

7 professional journals Media

If there is funding, it may also be considered in the relevant professional journals and other media, advertising persist for some time. These ads long period of slow onset, but targeted, lasting effect. The most important is sustained, not in fits and starts.

8 patients and their relatives, word of mouth

Patients and their relatives get directly from their own experience to judge, and through word of mouth, in charge of the psychological impact on the health care and hospital enormous. If the device is high fees, the operation difficult, ineffective, risky, several major adverse events, then the market would be fatal blow. This one is mainly to be ensured by clinical effect, less pure PR effect.

9 public opinion tendency

Enterprises should strive for the support of public opinion. Such work is not through general sponsorship donations, but a targeted selection of some of the events, especially when combined with government action or policy-oriented. For example, the western development, rural medical security system construction. Or select some patients with larger social impact, to provide free services.

10 sales staff professional image

Most contact with users is the sales staff, their personal image and professionalism, representing the brand's image and standards. Thus, shaping the image of salespeople, improve the professional level of service, the enterprise should pay close attention to the focus of the work.

11 professional promotional materials and instructions

Foreign products with particular emphasis on the production of fine and specialty promotional material specification, and domestic enterprises are often quite sloppy rough, the first thing to be able to distinguish between high and low. With the ability to improve services, the gap in graphic design and printing technology getting smaller and smaller. However, the content of which is not a professional can cook out.

12 a loud catchy product name

Past medical devices do not focus on the conceptual design of the product name. With the market-oriented improvement of products increasingly fierce competition, a loud nice name, role in the marketing of very great. This name should be conducive to the health care workers to communicate with patients and relatives spread, try to take the most convenient when the image of the vocabulary word of mouth.

Other aspects include: business leaders charisma; participate in the commercial exhibition industry; mass media advertising; network and e-commerce; the relationship between the party and government leaders and the like. Although these forms is easy to operate, the short-term effect is significant, so often become the first choice. However, the actual contribution of the brand value is not large. To create a real sense of value and lasting brand medical devices, it should focus on where the professional features, to create an efficient and pragmatic corporate culture, beyond the superficial ideas, overcome impetuous attitude, abandon grandiose style, patiently enduring adhere to the core competitiveness nurturing force.